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…willing to sacrifice something we don't have

for something we won't have, so somebody will someday.

Contact me at Burning Man 2018

The official line is that I'm unreachable from the afternoon of 2018-08-19 until I re-enter civilization sometime around 2018-09-05 (plus or minus days for inclement weather). But if you want to try the thing that has at best a slim chance of actually reaching me, here's how.

My phone will be off or airplane-mode'd, and I won't connect to Internet to communicate, so rumors you've heard about there being really good cell signal this year won't help.

Instead, here's the official word on contacting people at the event:

Q: How can friends or family send me a message?

A: Emergency messages should be sent to The message will be passed to the Black Rock Rangers, who will do their best to deliver it.

Q: What details should be included in an emergency message?

A: The message should include first and last name, as well as any known nickname that you might go by around camp. It should also include the name of your theme camp or other affiliation (volunteer team, etc.), and its location if known, along with your vehicle make/license plate and any other unique features that will help with the search (such as, “camp has a 20 foot inflatable duck,” etc.)

Q: What can prevent me from getting the message?

A: Just a few of the variables that can get in the way: your camp relocates, or nobody’s ever in camp when we come seek you out; your camp spot is obscured from view by other camps; the 20 foot inflatable duck deflates due to a leak; there are three camps with 20-foot inflatable ducks, and none of the neighbors know anyone named “Chris” because you have been introducing yourself all week as “Captain Underpants, Lord of the Duck People!” You get the picture. (...)

So, in case of direst emergency, try sending a message to "Ross Rheingans-Yoo (or Brent Dill) at Black Lotus Society [that's a camp], at 7:30 and B [that's an address], the camp with the 20-foot-high, illuminated flower/sphere structure and/or ten-foot-high torii gate. Probably." Word's still out on whether I'll pick up a nickname, but enough people there know me as Ross from last year for that name to probably work.