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Blog: Marginal Revolution | What is the proper penalty for scientific fraud the culture that is China what would Gary Becker say? — "In April courts approved a new policy calling for stiff prison sentences for researchers who fabricate data in studies that lead to drug approvals. If the misconduct ends up harming people, then the punishment on the table even includes the death penalty."

Blog: Marginal Revolution | Regulation of Charlatans in High-Skill Professions — "Although both standards and disclosure drive charlatans out of the market, consumers are worse off because of the resulting reduction in competition amongst producers. Producers, on the other hand, strictly benefit from the regulation,


Democracy! (Part 2: The Democratizing)


Vote! Today! Before 8pm!

Yesterday, I linked a polling-place guide from the IOP, which was two years out of date. The HPR has a good guide to candidates and their issues, but their polling-place list for Harvard students is also incorrect.[1] As far as I can tell, the list goes:

  • Harvard Yard (inc. Union; exc. Apley), Adams: Gund Hall (48 Quincy Street)
  • Dunster, Leverett: Putnam Apartments (2 Mt. Auburn Street)
  • Apley, Lowell, Mather, Quincy: Quincy House (58 Plympton Street)
  • Quad: Graham and Parks School (44 Linnaean Street)
  • Eliot: Friends Meeting House (5 Longfellow Park)

It's unclear to me where the Winthrop and Kirkland vote; whether they're also with Eliot, or if they vote in Quincy with the rest.

The Crimson also has a bit on early polling results, especially regarding the four ballot initiatives (indexing the state gasoline tax to consumer prices, expansion of $0.05 bottle-recycling rebates

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