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that we live in a broken world.



Reminder: What may be your best chance this year to shape the future of your city/state/nation is tomorrow. So go out there and do the thing! If you're at Harvard and forgot where the heck you were supposed to go to do the thing, tomorrow's post has the rundown.


Michael Landry '16 and Connor Harris '16 have declared their candidacy for the Harvard Undergraduate Council (vice-)presidency. You may know Michael because the Crimson wrote a piece about him last week, and you may know Connor because he keeps saying smart things about transportation policy, urban planning, and liberal arts education to everyone in earshot.

Cutting to the quick, I'm going to go right out and declare my support for these two right now. I will inevitably write more later, but for now, you should sign the petition to put them on the ballot if you trust my judgment in matters of politics. Or, like, if you believe in the power of a free and open marketplace of ideas.

Update: Connor has announced the official Landry-Harris platform via press release at 1:30 am EST, Monday, November 2:

I'm running for UC with Michael Landry and you should all sign the petition for us to be on the ballot. Campaign planks to include, in descending order of seriousness:

1) better disabled access to Harvard's old buildings;

2) repealing the Thursday dinner dhall restrictions because they're annoying as fuck;

3) getting every department to publish their concentrators' average in- and out-of-concentration GPAs, so one could subtract the former from the latter, sort descending, and have a pretty good index of which concentrations are the hardest or have the least grade inflation; and

4) furnishing every common room with a complementary live goat.


You need an @college email and HUID to sign, but can endorse multiple candidates if you so desire. In any case, they need 150 signatures by Monday evening (tonight!), so go out and do the thing! Get your friends to do the thing! I believe in a world where the Undergraduate Council means something, and I have every faith that you can, too!