Publications and Research

Economics Research

Large random matching markets with localized preference structures can exhibit large cores. Ross Rheingans-Yoo (2020). (working paper) (EC ’20 poster slides, lightning talk) (WINE ’20 talk/slides forthcoming)

Lone Wolves in Competitive Equilibria. Ravi Jagadeesan, Scott Duke Kominers, and Ross Rheingans-Yoo (2020). Social Choice and Welfare 55(2), pp. 215–228. (preprint)

Strategy-Proofness of Worker-Optimal Matching with Continuously Transferable Utility. Ravi Jagadeesan, Scott Duke Kominers, and Ross Rheingans-Yoo (2018). Games and Economic Behavior [Lloyd Shapley Memorial Issue] 108, pp. 287–294. (preprint)

Undergraduate Thesis

Community-Attribute Models for Bibliographic Reference Information via Dynamic Graph Evolution. Ross Rheingans-Yoo (2016). A. B. thesis, Harvard University. (advised by M. Seltzer)

Undergraduate Research (unpublished)

Information-Provenance Clocks. Dan Fu and Ross Rheingans-Yoo (2016). (for Distributed Systems, J. Waldo)

SimpleTimingPwn: Evading Information Flow Analysis via an Extremely Simple Timing Channel. Dan Fu and Ross Rheingans-Yoo (2015). (for Systems Security, J. Mickens)

Artificial Generation of Power-Law Graphs: A Historical Survey. Ross Rheingans-Yoo (2015). (for Randomized Algorithms, M. Mitzenmacher)

Taming Quantum Amplitudes with Gateset Limitations. Ross Rheingans-Yoo (2014). (for Quantum Complexity Theory, S. Aaronson) (press)