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that we live in a broken world.

Reading Feed (April 2015)


Blog: Thing of Things | On Weird Points -- Should we be less weird, in order to counteract the stereotype that people in [activist group X] are weird?

Blog: Marginal Revolution | How meritocratic is meritocracy? -- Firms claiming to be meritocratic have more sexist promotion practices, promoting less-qualified male employees over more-qualified female ones.

Article: Head to the US-Mexico border and find a Chinese food scene like none other -- "The Chinese invented undocumented immigration from Mexico," Romero says. "Smuggling with false papers, in boats and in trains, the infrastructure for that was all invented by the Chinese."

Blog: Medium: Jeffrey Zeldman | Designer Blindness


Blog: A/A Testing -- "How I increased conversions 300% by doing absolutely nothing!"

Blog: Schneier on Security | China's Great Cannon -- which was, as previously rumored, responsible for the recent DDoS against GitHub.

Pictures: Inside the 3,700-square-foot contemporary Dallas home made from 14 shipping containers -- really, really cool.


Blog: Fredrik deBoer | True vs Good Again


Neat Things: A Dao of Web Design -- a classic.

News: (Really) large rabbits

Data: Chess analytics since 1850 -- games are getting longer; white advantage has always existed

Blog: Slate Star Codex | No Clarity Around Growth Mindset...Yet -- Does the research really bear out that a growth mindset is a highly-significant factor in multifactor measures of success? Does that actually make its fundamental claim -- that innate talent is irrelevant -- true?


Blog: Thing of Things | Two Meditations on Gnon -- I think I disagree, but Ozy states their position eloquently.


Blog: Giving Gladly | How much to push the envelope? -- On doing socially weird things in social movements, in order to push the envelope of what's accepted, how it's good, and how it's bad.

Blog: Schneier on Security | Cell Phone Opsec -- Security professor explains how to properly use a burner phone.

Pretty Things: Stunning pictures from drone flyovers of Russia, Spain, and New Zealand that would be illegal today

NYT: Where the Science Guy Loosens His Tie -- Human interest piece about Bill Nye's small Manhattan apartment. Come on, you know you love Bill.


Blog: Malcolm Ocean | Deciding To Make Things Happen

Blog: Thing of Things | Towards a Transhumanist Model of Neurodivergence -- Ozy nudges me a few steps away from being confused about eugenics.

Blog: Fredrik deBoer | Success Academy Charter Schools will never, ever scale -- re: a piece in the NYT describing SA.

News: The TSA reports $600,000 in change left at airport checkpoints


Blog: Slate Star Codex | Chemical Imbalance


Blog: Overcoming Bias | Firms are Now 5/6 Dark Matter! -- Robin Hanson opines on recent data that suggest that 5/6 of top companies' worth is now invested in "intangibles", up from 1/6 in 1975.

Blog: Modern methods for old-school statistics -- Stats!


Blog: Schneier on Security | TrueCrypt Security Audit Completed -- though the comments section's got more than a little unexpected vitriol...


Blog: Thing of Things | Models of Neurodivergence

HPR: [Female Leadership at Harvard: The Cracked Glass Ceiling](Female Leadership at Harvard: The Cracked Glass Ceiling) -- More than half of Harvard student organizations have a female president.

News: As analytics enlighten across sports, tennis remains stuck in dark age -- including the why, which is also fascinating.

Self: Lower Tuitions at Stanford -- Stanford offers free tuition to students from families making less than $125k/yr, up from its previous cutoff of $100k/yr.


Blog: Fredrik deBoer | you do you -- fantastic; just go read it.

Self: Notes: The Gender Gap in Math -- from a discussion panel hosted by HUMA on the experiences of undergraduate women in math at Harvard and MIT.

Blog: Steve Coast | The world will only get weirder -- h/t Marginal Revolution