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that we live in a broken world.

Reading Feed (April 2019)


Blog: Marginal Revolution | Open Borders: The Science and Ethics of Immigration

Blog: Schneier on Security | Excellent Analysis of the Boeing 737 Max Software Problems


Blog: Otium | Pecking Order and Flight Leadership

Blog: Marginal Revolution | Do Experts Listen to Other Experts?

Blog: Marginal Revolution | Does the speed of production matter?

Comic: xkcd | Disk Usage


Blog: Marginal Revolution | An Interview with the Retiring French Ambassador — "My career had started with the election of [Ronald] Reagan, and my career is finishing with Trump. From Reagan to Trump you have, more or less, the neoliberal era—taxes were bad, borders were bad, and you have to trust the market. It’s also the period of the triumphant West … that the West was in a sense doomed to win. That sooner or later all the world will march triumphantly, to the triumph of the market. And suddenly the election of Trump and the populist wave everywhere in the Western world is for me, and I may be wrong, but for me means that this period is over."


Blog: The ANOVA | will it go round in circles?

Blog: Don't Worry About the Vase | Asymmetric Justice

Blog: Market Design | Should NYC school choice diversify school assignments to match applicant demographics?


Blog: Marginal Revolution | My Conversation with Margaret Atwood

Blog: Market Design | Glitch in NYC high school admissions this year


Blog: Marginal Revolution | Who should Trump pick for the Fed Board of Governors?

Blog: Overcoming Bias | Complaints By Relation Type

Interview: 80,000 Hours Podcast | Tom Kalil on how to do the most good in government


Neat: Magic Daily | Japanese Alternate-Art Planeswalkers

Blog: Don't Worry About the Vase | Counterfactuals about Social Media

Blog: Marginal Revolution | Counterfactuals about social media


Blog: Overcoming Bias | Firms Are Not Aliens


Blog: Marginal Revolution | The ferry subsidy culture that is New York City


Blog: Marginal Revolution | Will China capture the main benefits from Belt and Road?

Blog: Thing of Things | PSA: HIV PrEP

Blog: Don't Worry About the Vase | Reflections on the Mythic Invitational


Blog: JeffTK | What is Phrasing in Contra Dance?

Blog: Overcoming Bias | Publish Tax Returns

Blog: Marginal Revolution | Enraging dinosaur bone markets in everything

Blog: Marginal Revolution | Tax returns should not be made public information

Blog: Marginal Revolution | The Effect of Economic Vulnerability on Protest Participation in the National Football League


Blog: Overcoming Bias | Identity Norms

Blog: Slate Star Codex | Increasingly Competitive College Admissions: Much More Than You Wanted To Know

Blog: Marginal Revolution | The new who gives a damn politics

Blog: Marginal Revolution | New results on the China shock, furthermore the China shock is largely over

Blog: Marginal Revolution | The cost of Parisian Gothic cathedrals

Interview: 80,000 Hours Podcast | Persis Eskander on wild animal welfare and what, if anything, to do about it

Blog: Open Philanthropy | Our Progress in 2018 and Plans for 2019


Blog: Marginal Revolution | Filibuster sentences to ponder

Blog: Shtetl-Optimized | Wonderful world


Blog: Slate Star Codex | Pain As Active Ingredient In Dating

Blog: Overcoming Bias | Agency Failure AI Apocalypse?

Comic: xkcd | M87 Black Hole Size Comparison

Blog: Marginal Revolution | My Conversation with Ed Boyden, MIT neuroscientist

Blog: Open Philanthropy | New Staff in Operations, Programs, and Research


Blog: Marginal Revolution | Wall Street Journal reviews Big Business

Blog: JeffTK | Value of Working in Ads?


Blog: Market Design | An Israeli gay couple recount their American surrogacy experience

Blog: Open Philanthropy | History of Philanthropy Literature Review: Pugwash Conferences on Science and World Affairs

Comic: xkcd | Too Much Talking


Blog: Marginal Revolution | U.S.A. fact of the day


Blog: Luke.Muehlhauser | Media I’m looking forward to, Q2 2019 edition

Blog: Luke.Muehlhauser | Media diet for Q1 2019


Blog: Marginal Revolution | Has the time for income-sharing arrived?


Blog: Marginal Revolution | Stupid but wonderful sentences


Blog: Marginal Revolution | The evolution of political views


Blog: Slate Star Codex | Social Censorship: The First Offender Model

Blog: Otium | Degrees of Freedom

Blog: World Optimization | Middlemarch by George Eliot My rating: 5 of 5 stars It’s been famously called “one of...

Blog: Marginal Revolution | The internet, vs. “culture”


Blog: MeyerWeb | Color Me FACE1E55

Blog: Marginal Revolution | When are national apologies a good idea?

Blog: Overcoming Bias | Champions Show War Ability

Blog: Marginal Revolution | Some implications of monopsony models

Blog: Market Design | Headlines that could be dated April 1

Blog: Marginal Revolution | Determinants of college majors