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for something we won't have, so somebody will someday.

Reading Feed (August 2018)


Blog: MISinformation | Why it's Exhausting to be a Woman in Tech/CS


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Blog: Marginal Revolution | If codetermination boosts output, will start-ups use it?


Blog: Don't Worry About the Vase | Tidying One’s Room

Blog: Marginal Revolution | Why statistical discrimination is higher than is either socially optimal or Bayesian rational

Blog: Julia.Galef | Why we need a new word for “lazy”


Blog: The Unit of Caring | I'm confused about EA and donation things. You just said "your desire to donate to charity and your desire to save and achieve financial security for your children to kind of slot in next to each other. You want financial security" and the rest of that paragraph, which was really good to read, but when I encounter EA things I see a lot of 'are EAs even allowed to have children' and 'people are dying right now why are you not saving them', and not that. How does this actually work?

Blog: Marginal Revolution | My Conversation with Michael Pollan

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Blog: Slate Star Codex | SSC Survey Results: ADHD And Rejection Sensitivity


Blog: Marginal Revolution | My preface to Stubborn Attachments, and why this book is especially important


Blog: Schneier on Security | Don't Fear the TSA Cutting Airport Security. Be Glad That They're Talking about It.

Blog: The ANOVA | where are we to go?


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Blog: Marginal Revolution | Dan Wang on how technology grows