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Reading Feed (October 2018)


Blog: Marginal Revolution | Do female department chairs matter?

Blog: Overcoming Bias | Long Legacies And Fights In An Uncaring Universecf. Overcoming Bias | Long Legacies And Fights In A Competitive Universe

Blog: Marginal Revolution | Will the decline of galleries reshape art? — "If the number and relevance of galleries were to decline (continue to decline?), how might this affect artistic content? Here are a few hypotheses..."


Blog: Zvi Mowshotiz @ Channel Fireball | Arena’s New Opening Hand Rule Has Radical Implications for How We Play the Game

Fiction: Slate Star Codex | Sort By Controversial

Blog: Tyler Cowen @ Bloomberg View | Trump’s Washington Hotel Has Great Sushi. So Why Was It Empty? — That "great sushi" is not Trump speech, but the opinion of Tyler and some of my serious sushi-fan friends.

Blog: SMBC | Bins — "I need to write a joke for which the only people who get it see it coming..."

Blog: Marginal Revolution | Young “stars” in economics — As in, an economic theory of. "Among other results, we show that stars are more international and less female than PhDs overall, that theoretical and semi-theoretical approaches remain dominant, that American programs both produce the most stars and hire even more, that the private sector is largely uncompetitive, and that there is a strong shift toward stars having pre-PhD full-time academic research jobs."


Blog: Marginal Revolution | There is no published research cited in this article — "We have now reached the point where tech is one of the worst covered subject areas by the U.S. and also British media."

Blog: Marginal Revolution | Shopping While Black: Past, Present and Future? — "The last case, the Amazon Go case, is in part a decline in the value of statistical discrimination since shoplifting is no longer a problem (in theory, assuming the technology works) but in this case the decline in statistical discrimination is driven by much finer discrimination. The moment a shopper enters the Amazon Go store, Amazon knows their name, address, entire shopping history, credit history and potentially much more. Moreover, a shopper’s every movement within the store is tracked to a level of detail that no store detective could ever hope to match. To the customer, especially the black customer, it may feel like they are no longer being watched but in fact they are watched more than ever before–the costs of technological monitoring, however, are mostly fixed which means that everyone is monitored equally. No need for statistical discrimination in the panopticon..."


Blog: Marginal Revolution | Sunday assorted links


Blog: Marginal Revolution | Saturday assorted links

Blog: Marginal Revolution | My interview with Pioneer


Blog: JeffTK | Boston Solstice 2018

Blog: Marginal Revolution | Liveblogging the Bloomberg session on AI

Blog: Marginal Revolution | Friday assorted links


Blog: Marginal Revolution | Which comics are accused of joke theft?

Blog: Marginal Revolution | The new [Council of Economic Advisors] report on socialism is better than critics are claiming

Blog: Jenny Gao @ Medium | What I Learned From Making Hot Sauce at Scale — h/t Tyler Cowen


Blog: Ben.Kuhn | Stop trying

Blog: Marginal Revolution | My Conversation with Ben Thompson

Blog: Thing of Things | Defeating Scrupulosity

Blog: SMBC | Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - Problem

Comic: xkcd | Carnot Cycle


Blog: Schneier on Security | On Disguise


Blog: Marginal Revolution | Why the U.S.-Saudi relationship has proven so enduring

Blog: Marginal Revolution | First Man and the great stagnation

Blog: Marginal Revolution | 17-minute Tyler Cowen talk on charter cities


Blog: Marginal Revolution | A new “ideal” proposal for immigration reform

Blog: Marginal Revolution | The high-return activity of raising others’ aspirations


Blog: Marginal Revolution | What I’ve been reading

Blog: Marginal Revolution | Saturday assorted links


Blog: Kalzumeus | Japan's Hometown Tax

Blog: Slate Star Codex | Classified Thread 6

Blog: Don't Worry About the Vase | The Art of the Overbet

Blog: Marginal Revolution | Is “political correctness” the ultimate hack of the Left?


Blog: Marginal Revolution | Thursday assorted links

Blog: Overcoming Bias | Rationality Requires Common Priors


Blog: Marginal Revolution | Words of wisdom

Blog: The Unit of Caring | How do you go around like the world is not a bunch of recruits (for you, potential effective altruists who could and should donate to AMF; for me, potential partners of God who could and will enjoy a pleasant stay in God's house after they die)?

Blog: Ben.Kuhn | Small company or big company?


Blog: Marginal Revolution | The Big Push Failed

Blog: Marginal Revolution | Robert Wiblin’s Conversation with Tyler Cowen

Blog: The Unit of Caring | What appeals to you about Judaism? Aren't you atheist?

Blog: Gates Notes | What I loved about Paul Allen

Blog: Marginal Revolution | How streaming has changed song structures


Blog: Thing of Things | Long-Term and Near-Term Causes

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Blog: The Unit of Caring | Today is launch day! Vox’s new vertical is called Future Perfect. We’re covering global health,...

Comic: xkcd | Modified Bayes' Theorem

Blog: Marginal Revolution | Nashville notes


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Blog: Marginal Revolution | Unintended Consequences of Information Bans

Blog: Marginal Revolution | We Cannot Avoid the Ugly Tradeoffs of Bail Reform

Blog: Schneier on Security | Security in a World of Physically Capable Computers

Blog: Marginal Revolution | The Civil War boosted Northern support for immigration


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Blog: GiveWell | A grant to Evidence Action Beta to prototype, test, and scale promising programs

Blog: Fake Charity Nerd Girl | Models: Attract Women Through Honesty by Mark Manson My rating: 3 of 5 stars I didn’t really...

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Blog: Marginal Revolution | Why Paul Romer won the Nobel Prize in economics

Blog: Tyler Cowen @ Bloomberg View | A Nobel Prize in Honor of Economic Growth

Blog: The Unit of Caring | conservation and momentum models of brains

Blog: Marginal Revolution | The Nobel Prize in Economics Goes to William Nordhaus and Paul Romer!

Blog: Marginal Revolution | William Nordhaus and why he won the Nobel Prize in economics


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Blog: Marginal Revolution | Partisan hatred, a short history thereof


Blog: Schneier on Security | The Effects of GDPR's 72-Hour Notification Rule