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that we live in a broken world.

Reading Feed (October 2019)


Blog: Overcoming Bias | Why Not Also Punish False Praise?

Blog: Bryan Caplan @ EconLib | Do You Talk About It in Open Borders Yes! — "The modal question about Open Borders is, 'Do you talk about X?' The answer is 'YES' for all of the following…" h/t Tyler Cowen

Blog: Marginal Revolution | Tyler Cowen on invisible competition


Blog: Marginal Revolution | How to think about the Chilean (and other) protests

Blog: BBC Travel | An underground world of Soviet opulence — h/t Tyler Cowen.


Blog: Market Design | Interviews in the Medical Physics residency match (too many, and what to do about it..)

Blog: Marginal Revolution | My favorite job market paper so far this year


Blog: Marginal Revolution | The Long-Term Effects of California’s 2004 Paid Family Leave Act on Women’s Careers

Blog: Marginal Revolution | Why are Jamaicans the fastest runners in the world?

Blog: Kalzumeus | Tether: The Story So Far — Patently self-recommending.


Blog: Soft Machines | Rock climbing and the economics of innovationcf. The Grumpy Economist | Free Solo and Economic Growth, h/t Tyler Cowen

Blog: Compass Rose | Judgment, Punishment, and the Information-Suppression Field

Blog: The Grumpy Economist | Economics and cognitive dissonance


Interview: 80,000 Hours Podcast | Bruce Schneier on surveillance without tyranny, secrets, & the big risks in computer security

Blog: Andrew.Batson | Who deserves the Nobel for China’s economic development? — "As Bruno Frey noted in a 2018 article on China’s absence from the history of winners of the economics Nobel, 'It may be argued that the Chinese economy has been successful without the help of high-ranking academic economists.' There are also few Chinese economists that appear in lists of the most-cited scholars–possibly because Chinese economists have historically tended to focus more on advising their own government than publishing in English-language journals." h/t Tyler Cowen

Comic: xkcd | Imagine Going Back in Time

Blog: The Atlantic | Barack Obama’s Eulogy for Elijah Cummings — "I was sitting here and I was just noticing the honorable elijah e. cummings and, you know, this is a title that we confer on all kinds of people who get elected to public office. We’re supposed to introduce them as honorable. But Elijah Cummings was honorable before he was elected to office. There’s a difference."


Blog: Market Design | Prostitution in Washington DC (sex, not politics)

Blog: Byrne Hobart @ Medium | The Stealth Regulatory Arbitrage Unicorn

Blog: Marginal Revolution | Thursday assorted links

Blog: Marginal Revolution | MIddlemen, China story of the day


Blog: Byrne Hobart @ Medium | Remittances as a Secret Sovereign Wealth Fund

Blog: Demilked | Waiting for the visitors to match the art works — h/t Tyler Cowen

Blog: Marginal Revolution | My Conversation with Henry Farrell

Blog: JeffTK | Why "Referer"?

Blog: Shtetl-Optimized | Quantum supremacy: the gloves are off

Blog: Marginal Revolution | Are intuitions about occupational licensing and minimum wages consistent?

Blog: Marginal Revolution | Beware the Mediocre Robots!


Blog: Overcoming Bias | The Big Change In Blame

Blog: Ghost | Ghost 3.0

Blog: Marginal Revolution | What is behind the spread of so many mass protests?

Blog: The Roots of Progress | Iron: From mythical to mundane — "What is this material? Why is it so hard to make? And how did it go from mythical to mundane?"


Blog: Marginal Revolution | Summers on the Wealth Tax


Blog: Marginal Revolution | Questions that are rarely asked (from the comments)

Blog: Byrne Hobart @ Medium | Y Combinator, Not Lambda School, Is Unbundling Education

Blog: The Grumpy Economist | Who pays more taxes


Blog: Marginal Revolution | Matthew Lilley on Saez and Zucman

Blog: Marginal Revolution | Essays One, by Lydia Davis

Blog: Overcoming Bias | Open Borders


Blog: Marginal Revolution | Robert Solow on the future of leisure

Blog: Marginal Revolution | A Fine Theorem on RCTs and the new Nobel Laureates

Blog: Marginal Revolution | How to argue for a wealth tax

Blog: The Grumpy Economist | Who pays more taxes


Blog: Byrne Hobart @ Medium | Where Do Business Mafias Come From?

Blog: Marginal Revolution | What is the incidence of the corporate income tax?


News: WaPo | Facing unbearable heat, Qatar has begun to air-condition the outdoors — h/t Tyler Cowen

Blog: Marginal Revolution | Facebook and privacy

Blog: Market Design | Rates of organ donation in countries with presumed consent versus those with explicit consent

Blog: Marginal Revolution | PR advice for celebrities on how to deal with China

Blog: Marginal Revolution | The three percent digital tax


Neat: Stripe | Designing accessible color systems — An old interest of mine, from a side project.


Blog: Market Design | A kidney exchange chain initiated by a deceased donor, in Italy

Blog: Marginal Revolution | Abhijit Banerjee reminiscenses


Blog: Marginal Revolution | Cutting down a tree in California

Blog: JeffTK | Planned Power Outages — "There's an awkward valley between 'reasonably reliable, but with a major outage every few years in a storm or something' and 'completely reliable, and you can trust your life on it' where the system is reliable enough that we stop thinking of it as something that might go away but it's not so reliable that we should..."

Blog: Marginal Revolution | “Two big names in European writing win literature Nobels” — "Can you imagine a sports header: 'Big name wins NBA most valuable player award.' No, they would name the 'big name' because that big name is in fact big..."


Blog: Schneier on Security | Details on Uzbekistan Government Malware: SandCat


Blog: Overcoming Bias | Let Foreigners Speak

Blog: Marginal Revolution | How many NBA players have tweeted in support of Hong Kong?

Comic: xkcd | Hours Before Departure

Comic: xkcd | College Athletes — Today's xkcd does not disappoint this fan of [redacted for punchline spoiler].


Blog: Marginal Revolution | Education fact of the day

Interview: Conversations with Tyler @ Medium | Ben Westhoff on Synthetic Drugs, Dive Bars, and the Evolution of Rap

Blog: Market Design | Very quick questions and answers about market design and experimental economics--video

Blog: Marginal Revolution | Get Government Out of the Construction Business


Blog: Marginal Revolution | Joker

Blog: Marginal Revolution | U.S. taxes are progressive

Blog: Marginal Revolution | Daryl Morey vs. ESPN

Blog: Don't Worry About the Vase | Artifact: What Went Wrong?

Blog: Schneier on Security | New Unpatchable iPhone Exploit Allows Jailbreaking

Blog: Marginal Revolution | The real China shock came to Mexico — "Mexican manufacturing job loss induced by competition with China increases cocaine trafficking and violence, particularly in municipalities with transnational criminal organizations. When it becomes more lucrative to traffic drugs because changes in local labor markets lower the opportunity cost of criminal employment, criminal organizations plausibly fight to gain control..."


Blog: Schneier on Security | Edward Snowden's Memoirs

Blog: Shtetl-Optimized | Book Review: ‘The AI Does Not Hate You’ by Tom Chivers

Editorial: The Crimson | A Campus Divided

Blog: Marginal Revolution | The Formative Years — "People born between 1963 and 1965 are less likely to drive a car to work, are more likely to commute using public transit and are even less likely to own a car than people born just before or after those years. Why? It’s a great puzzle. Give it a guess..."


Blog: Market Design | Auctions of poker and slot machine licenses in Victoria, by Plott, Cason, Gillen, Lee and Maron


Comic: SMBC | The Enemy

Obit: William Aiello — Caught my eye mostly because W. Aiello was the third citation in my A. B. thesis references.


Blog: Marginal Revolution | The generator mafia in Lebanon

Blog: My Biased Coin | Harvard Admissions Lawsuit Decision Out

Blog: Shtetl-Optimized | From quantum supremacy to classical fallacy

Blog: Bits and Pieces | Let the snitching begin


News: Chicago Tribune | Harvard defeats suit seeking to bar race-conscious admission — Arbitrary choice of news source, and of course the case is bound for the Supreme Court anyway.