Icosian Reflections

…a tendency to systematize and a keen sense

that we live in a broken world.

Reading Feed (September 2016)

I was in the process of updating this list at the end of September, and then my computer crashed without giving me an opportunity to save my work. (There's a slight bug in Ghost that makes it difficult to save edits to published posts.) I don't want to replicate the work, so sorry, no feed for September. Come back next month.


Blog: Marginal Revolution | Mike Rowe on Charles Koch -- "You can set your watch by it. Whenever my name appears next to an individual on someone’s 'List of Known Enemies,' people line up to tell me why they can no longer be my friend, or watch my shows, or support my foundation. From Glenn Beck to Bill Maher, my proximity over the years to the 'wrong guy' has prompted hundreds of Facebook friends to scoop up their marbles and stomp off in a huff..."


Blog: Thing of Things | On Friendships With People You Disagree With -- In which Ozy, once again, saves me from having to write a blog post that I will mess up and then later regret.


Blog: The Missing Slate | Spotlight Site: Marginal Revolution -- "I am sure Tyler Cowen is one of the most intelligent people in the world on processing power alone. If you put him on an alien planet, the aliens would appoint him to a university chair, based on his local learning, within a year. Here on Earth, with instant recall of everything that he has learned in almost five decades, thanks to a photographic memory and an aversion to alcohol, Tyler Cowen is, by my reckoning, the single smartest person in the blogosphere. His only serious rival for that title was Hilary Putnam, and, unlike Hilary Putnam, Tyler has the gift for rendering difficult ideas in plain English." h/t, um, Tyler Cowen, but also see Tyler's new weekly column at the Bloomberg View.