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How to use

1) Use the drop-down menu to select a comp. I'm limited to ones reported via O2CM, and I need to manually import new ones; email me if the results are up, but the comp doesn't show up here.

2) Use the other drop-down to select a round.

3) Each line is one couple; each segment is a round they made. If the line ends mid-way through a segment, they got cut; otherwise, they advanced. Hover for more details, including the couple number/name, and how many marks (out of total marks needed to advance) they got in each round. (For complicated, boring, technical reasons, I haven't yet figured out how to provide final results, so don't trust the placement within finals.)

4) Click on a couple to keep them highlighted; you can use this feature to track multiple couples across several rounds/comps.

5) Alternatively, you can set up multiple charts (either from the same comp, or from different comps) using the "Multi-Pane View" selector at the top.

6) If you're interested in how e.g. the entire Harvard team did, the "Stored Selections" selector can highlight all Harvard couples at once. HBDT is the only team that this is supported for so far, since it's the only roster I have access to. If you're a team captain for another team and want your team listed in the same way, just shoot me an email, and I'll add yours in as well.

About BER

This was a project I produced for CS 171 (Data Visualization) at Harvard. The formal assignment was "Design and implement a web-based interactive visualization that allows you to answer questions you have about some topic of your own choosing," and I chose 'ballroom competition results', because obviously.

This is not my best work. The interface is a little fussy, there are bugs which are apparent (to me, at least) all over, and lots of common-sense functionality is in the camp of "that might be nice to implement someday". I spent about four days on it at the end of long semester and some scattered time at a few comps through the year hacking at it; given the circumstances, it's a wonder it doesn't straight-up crash a lot more. It's a real PitA on mobile devices, I know.

Nevertheless, if you find it useful for looking at your own results, the results of your team, or whatever other purpose you can dream up, feel free! Legal details are below, but basically: you're allowed to use it, but not clone it, and you're allowed to use screenshots and other captured images, so long as you're not making money off them, and you attribute them to "Ballroom Events Reporter by Ross Rheingans-Yoo". Source code is © me and not currently licensed for general use; this is mostly because it's in terrible shape, so contact me with pull requests if you actually want to, for some bizarre reason.

I also don't have a better name than "Ballroom Events Reporter", though feel free to contact me if you have ideas.

About the Author

I danced with the Harvard Ballroom Dance Team for four years, serving as Rookie Captain and President for one year each. I haven't been dancing much since I graduated in 2016. In my (now diminished) spare time, I still try to find time to write data visualizations and blog.


BER's front-end is built on d3, and back-end data collection makes use of Cloud Cray's DanceMarkScraper to pull results from O2CM. The contents of the HBDT roster and others are used by permission.

Personal, noncommercial use of BER as reasonably intended is free and (currently) unrestricted; personal, noncommercial use of drawings and images captured from BER are licensed Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial. Source code and site design are © me and are under no general-use license at this time. I request that you attribute images to ballroom.rossry.net or to "Ballroom Events Reporter by Ross Rheingans-Yoo".

I'm collecting anonymous summary statistics of users using Google Analytics. If this bothers you, consider using Google's Analytics opt-out browser extension to stop me (and approximately every other site on the internet) from doing so.