Ross Rheingans-Yoo


I am an angel investor, a freelance biotech consultant with a focus on clinical-stage corporate and financial strategy for startups, and an independent research economist with a focus on market design, matching, mechanisms, and networks. I am a corresponding affiliate at Scott Kominers’s Lab for Economic Design, at Harvard. I currently live in San Francisco.

Previously I worked on philanthropic investments in global health and pandemic preparedness at the FTX Foundation.

From 2016 to 2022, I was a trader and educator at Jane Street, living and working in New York (2016–2018) and Hong Kong (2018–2021).

In 2016, I graduated from Harvard with an A. B. cum laude with high honors in field in Computer Science and Mathematics and an S. M. in Computer Science. My undergraduate thesis, “Community-Attribute Models for Bibliographic Reference Information via Dynamic Graph Evolution” presented a technique for dynamic structural analysis of a citation graph over time under a community-attribute-label network model; I was advised by Margo Seltzer and worked closely with Daniel Margo.

At Harvard, I worked as a Research Fellow affiliated with Margo Seltzer’s Systems Research at Harvard lab and as an Economics Design Fellow working with Scott Kominers and Ravi Jagadeesan at the Center of Mathematical Sciences and Applications. I served as a Teaching Fellow for CS161: Operating Systems and CS50: Introduction to Programming I and as the rookie captain and president of the Harvard Ballroom Dance Team.

I enjoy research in {market design, network structure theory, quantitative epistemology, algebraic tameness}, teaching, educational game design, puzzles, poetry, cellular automaton art, fencing, and ballroom dance. I blog at Icosian Reflections about a variety of topics, and have taken the Giving What We Can Pledge. My Erdős number is 4.

I'm @_rossry on Twitter.