My Faults My Own

Any human’s death diminishes me,

because I am involved in humankind.

About the Blog

Wherefore a blog?

My Faults My Own is largely a casual project by me to get better at writing, get certain things out of my system, and, hopefully, get good ideas out into the world. At this time, I can't seem to publish on anything resembling a regular schedule, though I do wish things were otherwise.

Why "Faults"?

I took the name for this blog from a video by the great popularizer of mathematics Vi Hart. (YouTube channel here)

Her brilliant piece, Doodling in Math Class: Connecting Dots, a lament of the state of twenty-first-century mathematical education, masquerading as a lesson in curiosity-driven mathematical exploration, masquerading as a lesson on constructive geometry in the cartesian plane, masquerading as the ramblings of a student bored by an uninspiring high-school math class, concludes with a rallying cry for free thinkers, explorers, and doodlers alike:

Here's the thing about connecting dots. You can have all the steps laid out for you, taking whatever next step is easiest and closest and be sure of what you're getting the whole time. This way is safe and comfortable.

Or, you can try new ways of connecting dots and not know what you're going to get. Maybe it will be something great, maybe it will fail. And when it fails it will be your fault. You can't blame anyone else, not mathematics or the system or the check-boxes.

But if I am to have faults, I would rather they be my own.


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