Icosian Reflections

…a tendency to systematize and a keen sense

that we live in a broken world.

Reading Feed (June 2019)


Blog: JeffTK | Bass Whistling

Blog: Marginal Revolution | People like working with their friends, but it makes them less productive


Blog: JeffTK | Fixing Student Loans

Blog: Status 451 | Diagnosis: Russell Aphasia

Interview: 80,000 Hours Podcast | Prof Tetlock on why accurate forecasting matters for everything, and how you can do it better


Blog: Marginal Revolution | Prisoners


Blog: Overcoming Bias | Libertarian Varieties


Blog: The ANOVA | class in Marxism

Blog: Kalzumeus | How Discount Brokerages Make Money


Blog: Marginal Revolution | Talking to Strangers, the new Malcolm Gladwell book — "In any case, self-recommending, this book shows that Malcolm Gladwell remains on an upward trajectory. "


Blog: Marginal Revolution | Civic honesty around the globe


Blog: Marginal Revolution | The politics of order in informal markets: Evidence from Lagos

Blog: Schneier on Security | Fake News and Pandemics


Blog: Marginal Revolution | My Conversation with Hal Varian

Blog: Marginal Revolution | One Giant Leap


Blog: Don't Worry About the Vase | Magic Arena Bot Drafting

Blog: Marginal Revolution | Why China is not close to democratizing

Blog: Don't Worry About the Vase | Magic Arena Bot Drafting — As in, "What would it take to do this problem right?"


Interview: 80,000 Hours Podcast | Prof Cass Sunstein on how change happens, and why it's so often abrupt & unpredictable

Blog: Status 451 | Everybody Is Looking For Something

Blog: JeffTK | Openring

Blog: Bits and Pieces | History of the Bureau of Study Counsel


Blog: Market Design | Repugnant statistical analyses


Blog: Don't Worry About the Vase | Press Your Luck


Blog: Don't Worry About the Vase | Some Ways Coordination is Hard

Blog: Marginal Revolution | Hong Kong in the broader history of liberty

Blog: Marginal Revolution | Should we let graduate students in private universities form unions?


Blog: Bits and Pieces | Independence and self-sufficiency at Harvard: An essay from a world we have lost


Blog: The Unit of Caring | some thoughts on Silicon Valley

Blog: Slate Star Codex | Book Review: Why Are The Prices So D*mn High?


Blog: Bits and Pieces | Watch Hong Kong

Blog: Bits and Pieces | The end of the Bureau — "The basic idea of conflating academic and personal counseling always was, it seems to me, that Harvard students are much more comfortable seeking help for their academic problems than for their personal problems, even though the problems they have with studying may be due to their relationship issues. And many of their relationship problems are subclinical; they are ill, if anything, with the condition called growing up and breaking away from parents and other aspects of their origin."


Blog: Slate Star Codex | Addendum To “Enormous Nutshell”: Competing Selectors

Blog: Marginal Revolution | Israel is a triumph of neoliberalism

Blog: Schneier on Security | iOS Shortcut for Recording the Police


Blog: GiveWell | Evidence Action is shutting down No Lean Season

Blog: The Grumpy Economist | Institutionalized nonsense — "When, last week, the Treasury issued its currency manipulation report, I thought it was a joke. Treasury put Germany and Italy on its 'monitoring list' of countries suspected of 'currency manipulation.'..."


Blog: Market Design | Stanford GSB interviews Ashutosh Thakur PhD ’20, about market design, and coffee


Blog: Slate Star Codex | Book Review: The Secret Of Our Success

Blog: Marginal Revolution | I don’t find all global cities increasingly the same


Blog: Marginal Revolution | The dark side of the internet, in a nutshell?

Blog: Don't Worry About the Vase | Moral Mazes and Short Termism