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that we live in a broken world.

Reading Feed (March 2022)


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Blog: Don't Worry About the Vase | Covid 3/24/22: Respite

Blog: Bet On It | Open Borders as Ultra-Effective Altruism

Blog: Marginal Revolution | I thought these people wanted lower trade deficits? — "[A] world of higher net American capital flows into China is also a world with a lower American trade deficit with China. Which is it going to be? There are legitimate national security reasons for restricting some U.S. investments into China. But an analysis such as this should start by recognizing the relevant trade-offs."


Comic: xkcd | Salary Negotiation

Blog: Marginal Revolution | What Operation Warp Speed Did, Didn’t and Can’t Do

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Blog: Astral Codex Ten | Contra Hoel On Aristocratic Tutoring

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Blog: Market Design | Economics in a war zone: Tymofiy Mylovanov interviewed by Scott Kominers

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Blog: Market Design | Unraveling and reneging in the summer internship market

Blog: Marginal Revolution | Notes from Tavira, Portugal


Blog: Marginal Revolution | Peginterferon Lambda is looking good


Blog: Don't Worry About the Vase | Covid 3/17/22: The Rise of BA.2


Blog: Bet On It | Strong Cheap Signals

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Blog: Don't Worry About the Vase | Ukraine #4: Prediction Market Movement Modeling

Blog: Market Design | Opioid prescription reductions and suicides


Comic: xkcd | Deviled Eggs

Blog: Market Design | Subscription as an advanced market commitment for new antibiotics

Blog: Astral Codex Ten | Mantic Monday 3/14/22

Blog: Marginal Revolution | Effective Altruism is and will be more influential than you think — "When it comes to smart and many of the very smartest young people, the influence of Effective Altruism on their thought is radically underreported and underrepresented."

Blog: Bet On It | How to Talk to People: Econ vs. Psych

Blog: Marginal Revolution | US Pandemic Policy: Failures, Successes, and Lessons

Blog: Don't Worry About the Vase | Ukraine #3: Decision Theory, Madman Theory and the Mafioso Nature


Blog: JeffTK | War-prompted Disaster Planning



Blog: Marginal Revolution | Emergent Ventures winners, eighteenth cohortZvi Mowshowitz!


Blog: Marginal Revolution | The cultural evolution of love in literary history

Self: Icosian Reflections | So you want to work on biosecurity — an incomplete reading list (seeking suggestions!)

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Blog: Don't Worry About the Vase | Covid 3/10/22: We Have a Plan

Blog: Marginal Revolution | My Conversation with the excellent Sam Bankman-Fried

Self: Icosian Reflections | Onward, again — T​his January, I left my job as a trader at Jane Street​ to take a role leading a project at the FTX Foundation! More at the link. See also Twitter thread.


Blog: Marginal Revolution | Holden Karnofsky emails me on transformative AI

Comic: SMBC | Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - Mammoth

Comic: xkcd | Qua


Blog: Astral Codex Ten | Zounds! It's Zulresso and Zuranolone!


Blog: Bits and Pieces | Harvard College moves toward a planned educational economy

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Blog: Malcolm.Ocean | Towardsness & Awayness Motivation are fundamentally asymmetric

Blog: Bet On It | Bet On It: What’s In the Name? — Bryan Caplan, at a new blog.

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Blog: Bet On It | Covid Arithmetic for Anxious Parents

Self: Icosian Reflections | To Icosian Reflections -- New name, same great taste.